Restoring Faith in American Democracy


Americans are losing faith in government, and for good reason. Congress must take bold action to protect voting rights, get dark money out of politics, and end legalized corruption by elected officials.

Congress should implement these changes immediately to restore confidence in our elections:

Disclose “Dark Money” spending in our elections. Dark money groups who operate as non-profit social welfare organizations spend millions in our election while hiding who is funding them. Congress must pass the DISCLOSE Act [H.R. 6239—115th Congress] and bring transparency to our elections.

Make voting easier. Automatic voter registration, same day voter registration, no-reason absentee voting, and ending felon disenfranchisement are common sense ways to make it easier for Americans to participate in our democracy. The Senate must pass H.R. 1 [For the People Act of 2019] and implement these changes.

End partisan gerrymandering. The federal courts have failed to fix the problem of partisan redistricting, so Congress must act. Congress must pass legislation implementing non-partisan redistricting reform.

Overturn Citizens United. The Citizens United ruling opened the floodgates to dark money in political campaigns. Congress must pass H.J. 2 [Democracy for All Amendment] a constitutional amendment overturning Citizens United.

Congress should implement these changes immediately to restore confidence in our governance:

Stop the revolving door. Members of Congress and their senior staff face only minimal “cooling off periods” between government service and becoming a registered lobbyist. This practice breeds corruption and must end. Congress must pass a 10 year lobbying ban for Members of Congress and their senior staff.

Ban individual stock ownership by Members of Congress. Congressman McCaul made more than 7,000 stock trades over a two year period. And, he’s not alone. Members of Congress routinely trade stock; often those trades involve companies whom their committee has industry oversight. Congress must ban individual stock ownership for Members of Congress.

Mandate the disclosure of tax returns for Presidential candidates. In 2016, President Trump ended the long established practice of voluntary tax return disclosure by candidates for President. These disclosures are an important vetting mechanism to ensure Presidential candidates don’t have conflicts of interest or are compromised by a forgien entity. Congress must pass legislation mandating the disclosure of at least 10 years of tax returns for all presidential candidates.



In the weeks and months to come, I will publish more pages with my thoughts on a range of policy topics – from foreign policy, to equality, to our climate, to ethics in government.

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