Investing in Our Workforce


I believe in our workforce.

At one point in our history, our government did too. We were committed to a flourishing middle class and we built protections for workers and their families.

And then we walked away.

We walked away from investing in the most important aspect of our economy – our workforce. We walked away from labor protections and unions. We walked away from basic support for working families. America has arrived at an economy where 1% of our citizens hold 40% of the wealth, while the majority of our citizens say they are one unexpected bill away from economic ruin.

We can do better.

We can do better for workers, for families, for people between jobs, for people who want a better job, and for people who want to build a better life for their kids.

I am committed to working families. Our priorities should create pathways for everyday Americans to achieve – and maintain – the American Dream.

I will fight for investment in worker training and economic development:

  • Increasing funding for workforce training opportunities outside of the four-year degree, including high school pre-apprenticeship programs, apprenticeships, and occupational credentials

  • Fostering industry partnerships with high schools and community colleges to create training-to-work pipelines

  • Directing economic development and incentives to rural and underserved communities

I will fight for working families:

  • Embracing evidence-based, successful programs like the Earned Income Tax Credit

  • Supporting the right for workers to organize and collectively bargain for a sustainable living and retirement

  • Maintaining a minimum wage that ensures anyone who works full-time does not live in poverty

  • Creating a paid family leave program so that workers don’t have to choose between taking care of themselves or their families and their livelihood

  • Expanding child care subsidies and tax credits so that more working parents receive support

  • Fighting for equal pay for equal work  

  • Advocating for a tax system that ensures we are all invested in the future of America

I will fight for investments for workers who are between jobs:

  • Increasing access to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (SNAP) and Women, Infant, and Children (WIC) benefits by eliminating obstacles to enrollment

  • Protect unemployment insurance for workers laid-off by no fault of their own

And we must protect and expand Social Security for our nation’s workers, who have contributed to the program for their lifetime.



In the weeks and months to come, I will publish more pages with my thoughts on a range of policy topics – from foreign policy, to equality, to ethics in government.

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