Humanity at Our Border


I am the son of immigrants.

The immigrant experience defines the American narrative.

These stories are ones of courage and will: mothers who come to our border seeking refuge from violence, scholars who come to study, families who seek a better life.

We must call out unjust and cruel policies that seek to punish, demean, and harm immigrants and their families.

I will fight for our shared humanity by:

  • Protecting migrant children by demanding accountability from U.S. government agencies that oversee the protection of unaccompanied children

  • Calling for an immediate end to “zero tolerance” policies that separate parents from children at our borders

  • Bringing humane immigration policies to Congress that recognize families belong together

  • Ending family migrant detention and adopting evidence-based methods like the Family Case Management Program (FCMP) as alternatives to detention

  • Supporting the DREAM Act

  • Implementing smart border enforcement, not walls

  • Proposing legislation to end discriminatory immigration laws, such as the travel ban

  • Prioritizing enhanced engagement with our Central and South American partners to promote economic development and shared prosperity


Austin American-Statesman:
Commentary: Doctors order zero tolerance for policies that harm kids


Gandhi speaking at Families Belong Together Rally

Gandhi rallying at the airport against the travel ban

Gandhi speaking about the Trump Border Emergency



In the weeks and months to come, I will publish more pages with my thoughts on a range of policy topics – from foreign policy, to equality, to ethics in government.

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