Health is a Fundamental Human Right


I am a physician. I take care of sick people. And I am fed up with America’s systems making people sicker.

Let’s be clear: we have rules and regulations attempting to make using care as difficult as possible – a cynical attempt at reducing healthcare utilization in our state and country.   

Not too long ago, I met a woman who had complained of abdominal pain and progressive weight loss for years. She had ignored signs of colon cancer because cost put the evaluation she needed out of reach. I treat patients with arthritis, unable to afford medications or specialists. I see working-class adults suffering from back and neck pain for years because the expense of physical therapy keeps relief out of reach.   

We can do better. And we will.

No American should be without insurance.

This means Congress should pass legislation that expands Medicare for all that want it. And, this legislation needs to meaningfully engage on social determinants of health such as housing, poverty, food insecurity, and education.

As we fight for universal coverage, we need to be practical about the realities of the pace of social change. Congress should also pursue changes to our current system that will immediately improve the health of communities because we maintain a moral obligation to help families now.

While fighting for universal coverage, Congress should implement these changes immediately:

  • Medicaid expansion

  • Lowering Medicare’s eligibility age to 50

  • Expanding access to mental health services, including fighting for mental health parity with Medicaid & Medicare

  • Expanding postpartum Medicaid coverage to one year

  • Protecting the federal Title X program

  • Reducing prescription drug prices

  • Protection against balance billing by insurance companies

  • Improving health outcomes through value-based payment



In the weeks and months to come, I will publish more pages with my thoughts on a range of policy topics – from foreign policy, to equality, to our climate, to ethics in government.

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